Absolutely Fabulous Abfab mobile logos and ringtones


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Treat your mobilephone to some some fabulous logos and ringtones

128x128 Color logos for newer phones

abfab logo abfab logo abfab logo abfab logo abfab logo

How to get these on your mobile? Well you need to use the WAP function(or send it by cable or IR)
Start by saving the logo you want on your computer. Then go to www.euploader.com
Upload the logo (see instructions on the site) you will then get a wap adress for dowloading it to your phone. It's Free.

Logos for Older phones

abfab logo t39

To use these images: Right click and save them to your PC.
Then use a cable or IR to send them to your phone with the help of a special software.
This software usually comes with the phone when you buy one. You can also try finding it by

visiting the webpage of your mobile brand.

Abfab Ringtones can be found at:

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AbFab Voicemail can be found at:

Universal Ringtones
1 cool Mobile


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